Charlène Berthet (engineer-assistant)

Charlène BerthetCharlene Berthet works at the Montpellier Cancer Research Institute (IRCM), as an engineer-assistant on the platform of RHEM (Experimental histology network of Montpellier). During her biotechnology studies validated by a degree in analytical and experimental biology, she has acquired a first experience in histology during a training at the Faculty of Medicine at Saint- Etienne (42), where she was working on osteoporosis. At the end of her studies, Charlene has been immediately integrated within the RHEM platform. She has evolved in this platform since July 2013 and has developed skills in the treatment of paraffin-embedded samples such as paraffin embedding, sectioning, performing various classical & special stainings and use of virtual slides. She also holds the animal experimentation agreement and she has an expertise in the techniques of animal necropsy, organ prelevement and trimming. Charlene has joined the project of Frederic Thomas in January 2014, in which she participates with Yoan Buscail, under the responsibility of Nelly Pirot and Florence Bernex.

Yoan Buscail (engineer-assistant)

Yoan BuscailYoan Buscail is a CNRS engineer-assistant at the IRCM, the Cancer Research Institute of Montpellier. He works in the team of the RHEM, the Experimental Histology Network of Montpellier, under the responsibility of Nelly Pirot. He is expert in necropsy techniques and histology techniques. He has already made immunohistochemistry experiments, created Tissue Micro-Array (TMA) and performed picture analysis on virtual slides. He has participated with the RHEM in a Biocampus annual workshop entitled " Histology: from necropsy to analysis " in which he brings his skills to train students (researchers, PhD student, engineer, technicians…).Before joining the RHEM, he worked in a toxicology center on various mouse models but also on larger species, a pharmaceutical laboratory and an human anatomopathology laboratory near Paris. He also worked for 3 years in a private company specializing in food histology and biotechnology. He joined the team of the RHEM in January 2014 and has been immediately involved with Nelly Pirot and Florence Bernex in the Peto's paradox project with Frédéric Thomas's team.