Ecology and Evolution of Cancer
Sous la direction de Beata Ujvari, Benjamin Roche et Frederic Thomas.

Ecology and evolution of cancerDESCRIPTION

Ecology and Evolution of Cancer (Academic Press – 14 février 2017) is a timely work outlining ideas that not only represent a substantial and original contribution to the fields of evolution, ecology, and cancer, but also goes beyond by connecting the interfaces of these disciplines. This work engages the expertise of a multidisciplinary research team to collate and review the latest knowledge and developments in this exciting research field.

The evolutionary perspective of cancer has gained significant international recognition and interest, which is fully understandable given that somatic cellular selection and evolution are elegant explanations for carcinogenesis. Cancer is now generally accepted to be an evolutionary and ecological process with complex interactions between tumor cells and their environment sharing many similarities with organismal evolution. As a critical contribution to this field of research the book is important and relevant for the applications of evolutionary biology to understand the origin of cancers, to control neoplastic progression, and to prevent therapeutic failures.

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Ecology and evolution of cancerAIM: Bring together experts in evolutionary biology, cancer biology, oncology and the interscetion of these fields, in order to address topics in tumor growth and diversification, metastases, and cancer treatment.

SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZERS: Benjamin Roche (CREEC), Rodrigo Hamede (University of Tasmania), Beata Ujvari (Deakin Univeersity), Frédéric Thomas (CREEC).

ATTENDEES: All the slots for oral communication at this workshop are already filled. Nevertheless, if you would like attending the workshop, please send an email to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.. We will accept attendees until the room capacity is filled.




A propos de la collaboration avec l'université de Deakin, Australie.

"Pourquoi les écosystèmes ont aussi leur cancer ?" Frederic Thomas était l'invité de Caroline Lachowsky lundi 22 septembre 2014 sur rfi. Ensemble, ils se sont interrogés sur la question de pourquoi les écosystèmes ont aussi leur cancer.

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