The multidisciplinary thematic network "Evolutionary Medicine” is a CNRS/INEE network.

Evolutionary medicine is a new field of study; it has been barely 20 years since doctors and evolutionary scientists began to work together. Several studies have been published since then, and interactions between the disciplines have increased. Nevertheless, medical practice has not yet taken full advantage of these collaborations, and the evolutionary approach has thus far not been introduced to the medical curriculum. Although still in its infancy, collaborations between medicine and evolutionary studies are rapidly expanding. Several French teams have recently expressed great interest in becoming involved in an interdisciplinary research and teaching network aimed at introducing evolutionary concepts to medicine. The objective of this RTP is to facilitate communication between these teams and to formalise their work. This RTP does not represent a fixed group but rather a dynamic organisation structured by evolving themes and open to those showing interest in its activities, especially doctors and medical researchers.
There are already several on-going activities within this RTP: a number of research projects are underway that cover different medical themes (e.g., cancer, sleep, inflammation, menopause, nutrition, infectious diseases), a class in evolutionary medicine at the doctoral level has been offered for two years in Dijon, and a series of publications entitled Médecine Evolutionniste (edited by De Boeck) began in 2013 and is expected to continue for several years at a rate of one to two volumes per year.